About Us : Safety on Board

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Prohibited Devices on Board at all times

For your safety, Portable Electronic Devices which intentionally transmit radio signal can interfere with navigational and communication equipment and the operation of aircraft systems both in flight and on the ground shall not be used on board during the entire flight and must be switched off when boarding These devices are: radio transmitter, walkie-talkie, mobile/cellular telephones, portable radio controlled toys, radio and television receivers, citizen band radios, pagers, electronic toys.

Acceptable devices on board during cruise

Devices, which are not intentional transmitters of radio signal, may only be used from 15 minutes after take off until the seat belt sign is switched on again before landing. If interference from a portable device is suspected, operation of the device shall be prohibited. These devices are portable video equipment, laptop or portable PC without printer, cassette/CD/DVD/Mini disc players (used with headphones only), electronic games, electronic calculators, electric shavers.

Acceptable devices on board for entire flight

Hearing aids heart pacemakers, electronic watches and properly certified operator equipment are allowed during the entire flight.