Bookings : How to Book & Pay

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How to make a reservation?

Flying with One-Two-GO is as easy as counting 1-2-3!

To make a booking, simply choose from the following methods:

  1. Booking from our website
  2. Book with our friendly call center agents at our call center 1126
  3. Booking from our business agent or authorized distributor
  4. Booking from one of our ticketing offices at the airport in your local airport(see details).
How to pay for your tickets
You can select to pay by one of the following methods.

For online booking

  • Bookings made online can be paid by credit card. One-Two-GO accepts VISA and Master Card credit cards
  • Online bookings must be made 48 hrs prior to your desired flight’s departure time.
  • A confirmation of payment together with your booking confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS and your e-mail address.
  • Please make sure that you keep this confirmation code and present it to our agents upon checking-in.

For Booking via Call Center 1126

A number of payment options are available for phone bookings:

  • Credit Card

-   For phone booking, we accept VISA, Master Card, and Diners Club credit cards

-   To complete your booking, please provide your credit card number, card holder’s name, card expiry date and the card ID security code to our phone agent.

-   Once your payment is authorized, a booking confirmation will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS and e-mail.

  • Bank Counter Payment

-   Payment for phone booking can also be made at the following banks:

-   Siam Commercial Bank
-   Thai Farmer Bank
-   Bank of Ayudhya
-   Siam City Bank

-   To make your payment, please present your PNR booking code for reference when making a payment at one of the banks.

-   A 25 Baht charge per transaction will be charged by the bank (Except Siam City Bank, where there is no charge).

-   Bank payment only available for bookings made 3 days prior to departure time.

-   Please fax your pay-in slip to 02-267-2760 for confirmation.

-   Your pay-in slip is used as your ticket upon checking-in.

  • Convenient Pay-point Services

    Counter Service, 7-Eleven shops, Blisstel Counter and Pay at Post are One-Two-GO’s payment channel partners, working together to offer you more convenience.

-    To make a payment at one of the pay-point locations, simply have your PNR code ready .

-   Please note that if pay-point is your preferred choice of payment, your payment must be made within 24.00 of the day you make your reservation.

-    Your receipt from the service provider is to be used as your ticket upon checking-in.

-    A 15-25 Baht charge per transaction will be added depending on your choice of service provider.