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  1. In case that the economy seats of the flight are all reserved while the business seats are available, the Access Card holder will be offered an upgraded business seat with no additional cost.
  2. If there is a stand by situation, the Access Card holder will be treated as a first priority.
  3. Access Card holder can select to travel with or without the ticket.
    1. Traveling with ticket: The card holder can use the Access Card as if it is one of your debit or cash card to purchase tickets at any ticketing booth. Staff will punch the card according to the number of purchased seats.
    2. Traveling without ticket: The card holder can make a reservation by calling 1126 and pay by Access Card. After the payment, the PNR (booking number) will be issued to the customer. When check in, passenger will need to present the PNR, the Access Card and the citizen ID (or business employee’s ID in case of corporate use) to the check-in officer. Check-In officer will verify the card, punch the card, record its usage in the system and issue a boarding pass to the passenger.
  4. Baggage allowance limit for Access Card holder is increased to 30 kg for Platinum card and 25 kg for Golden card.


Details and Conditions

  1. Access Card is a prepaid service that provides passenger a convenient way of flying (card holder can select to travel without a ticket) with a maximum discount up to *12% off.
  2. There are two types of the Access Card.
    • “Golden Access” is for a purchase of 6 prepaid seats with *8% discount.
    • “Platinum Access” is for a purchase of 12 prepaid seats with *12% discount.
  3. The card is also categorized in “Zone” of traveling routes.
    • “Zone One” is for all routes which are currently priced at the fare of 1,600 baht per seat. The eligible routes in Zone One currently include Bangkok-Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai-Bangkok, Bangkok-Phuket and Phuket-Bangkok.
    • “Zone Two” is for all routes which are currently priced at the fare of 1,850 baht per seat. The eligible routes in Zone Two currently include Bangkok-Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai-Bangkok, Bangkok-Hat yai, Hat yai-Bangkok, Bangkok-Surat Thani and Surat Thani-Bangkok.
    A passenger holding card of “Zone One” can select to travel in any eligible routes of “Zone One”. The same concept is applied for “Zone Two”. For example, if you are holding “Zone One” card, you can select to travel from/to Bangkok-Chiang Mai or from/to Bangkok-Phuket.
  4. The Access Card of type “Individual” is valid for the registered card holder’s name and his/her family members who use the same family name (citizen ID cards must be presented).
  5. The Access Card of type “Business Corporate” is valid for all employees in the company (business employee’s cards must be presented).
  6. When traveling, passenger using the Access Card must present the card and citizen ID card or business employee’s ID before check in.
  7. The Access Card is valid until the expired date appeared on the card.
  8. In case of loss or damage, a petition from police station is required along with 500 baht fine in order to get a new replacement card.
  9. The card is not refundable for any reason. Orient-Thai Airlines reserve the rights to change conditions hereof without prior notice.


*The discount percentage is applied before airport tax of 50 baht per seat.