Flight & Fare : Baggage Allowance

Special Winter Fares

Free Baggage Allowance : You may transport free of charge checked Baggage up to a maximum weight of 20 kg for economy class and 30 kg for business class.

Excess Checked Baggage : You are not entitled to transport Baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance. If, in our absolute discretion, Baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance is accepted for carriage, you shall pay a charge for the carriage of that excess Baggage at the rates* as follows:

Bangkok to Incheon THB 400 (per kg.)
Bangkok to Guangzhou THB 165 (per kg.)
Bangkok to Hong Kong THB 160 (per kg.)
Phuket to Hong Kong THB 210 (per kg.)
Bangkok to Chiang Rai THB 40 (per kg.)
Bangkok to Chiang Mai THB 35 (per kg.)
Bangkok to Phuket THB 40 (per kg.)
Bangkok to Hat Yai THB 45 (per kg.)
*these rates may be changed or varied at any time and from time to time and will be available from us upon request and are available at our check-in counters