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Special Winter Fares

Special Winter Fares

“Special Winter Fares”

These fares are effective on 28 October 2005, considering the departure date.

    1. Bangkok - Chiang Mai
    2. Bangkok - Phuket
    3. Bangkok - Had Yai่
    4. Bangkok - Surat Thani
    5. Bangkok - Chiang Rai
    1,250*    Baht
    1,250*    Baht
    1,500*    Baht
    1,500*    Baht
    1,500*    Baht


    Zone 1: All Chiang Mai and Phuket flights, one-way fare is 1,250* Baht
    Zone 2: All Chiang Rai, Had Yai and Surat Thani flights, one-way fare is 1,500* Baht

Remark :
* These are one-way fares, exclusive of the 50-baht airport tax and the 300-baht fuel surcharge.
* Chiang Rai route is moved from Zone 1 to Zone 2. Passenger holding previous version of Access Card Zone 1 can still use the card for Chiang Rai route.
* One-Two-GO Airlines reserves its right to any changes thereof without prior notice.