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How do I reserve a seat on One-Two-Go Airlines?

Flying with One-Two-GO is easy, just choose one of the following ways to reserve your seat(s) with us :

  • Book online at :
  • Call 1126 to book through one of our friendly agents
  • Book in person at one of our ticket booths
  • Contact one of our designated travel agents to make your bookings
How do I pay for my One-Two-GO ticket(s)?

If you booked online

  • We accept VISA or MASTER credit cards as payment
  • Please make your bookings at least 3 days prior to your traveling date
  • Once your payment is verified, your confirmation code will be sent to both your e-mail and via SMS to your mobile phone
  • Please use this confirmation for your check-in on your traveling date

If you booked via our call center

  • Pay by credit card

For bookings made via CALL 1126, we accept the following credit cards Visa, Master, and Diners Club.

  • Pay through bank transfer at one of the following banks :

- Siam Commercial bank
- Kasikorn bank
- Krung Thai Bank
- Bank of Ayudhya
- Siam City Bank

If your preferred choice of payment is through bank transfer, please make your payment at least 3 days prior to your traveling date . Once paid, please fax a copy of your pay-in slip to +662 267 2760. Please bring your original pay-in slip to our airport ticket counter for your ticket collection on your traveling date.

  • Pay at Counter Service

If your preferred choice of payment is at one of counter service counters at all 7-eleven, you should have been given a pay code in addition to your reservation code. Please show your pay code at any of the counter service counters nationwide before 12pm of your date of reservation. The receipt from counter service is to be used for check-in on your traveling date.

Are there service charges involved with different payment methods?

Online and Call Center payments via credit cards

    There is no charge for payments made by credit card

Payment by bank transfer

    Payments made through bank transfer at any branches of our 5 partner banks are subject to a 25 Baht processing fee per payment.

Payment at Counter Service nationwide

    Payments made at any of the counter service counters at 7-eleven stores and selected outlets nationwide are subject to a processing fee of 25 Baht per payment.

How do I know if my booking was successful?

If you booked online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your itinerary details with your confirmation code and a SMS message with your confirmation code to your mobile phone.

You can also contact our call center 1126 for confirmations.

How can I make changes to an existing booking?

Changes to flights can be made via our call center at Call 1126. Conditions and fees involved vary as followed :

If you hold a paper ticket

  • Travel date change can be made at least 48 hours before your existing flight date free of charge
  • Name change is not allowed

If you booked online

  • Travel date may be changed at a fee of 500 baht per passenger per route. Changes must be made at least 24 hours before traveling date and time.
Can I cancel my booking?

One-Two-GO regrets that it is unable to offer refunds in the event of passengers being unable to fly owing to any change in personal circumstances. In exceptional circumstances, however, One-Two-GO will consider issuing a credit. Please note that all claims will be assessed entirely at the discretion of One-Two-GO.

What is Home Delivery?

At One-Two-GO, we work hard to make things easy for you. Home Delivery is our ticket delivery service in conjunction with our partner Home Delivery. The delivery service is available to passengers residing in Bangkok, Nontaburi, and Pathumthani at a service charge of 100-150 baht per deliver depending on the distance.

How to check-in for my flight?

To check-in, please proceed to our check-in counters. You will need the following documents to check-in :

  • A valid ID
  • Your paper ticket if you hold one
  • Your confirmation (PNR) code if you’ve booked on-line

Our check-in counters are open 2 hours prior to flight departure time and closes 40 minutes before the flight time.

What happens if I miss my flight?

If you hold a paper ticket, you may contact one of our staff at One-Two-GO ticket booth to reserve a seat on the next available flight at no cost.

For passengers with e-tickets, please contact our check-in counter to get on the next available flight at a cost of 500 Baht per passenger per flight.

Traveling with passengers requiring special care/services including children, the elderly and the pregnant

One-Two-Go has classified its passengers into the following categories

  • Passengers under 2 years of age are regarded as infants
  • Passengers between 2-12 years of age are regarded as children
  • Passengers above 12 years of age are regarded as adults
  • Children between 6-12 years old may travel on their own at a request
  • Passengers needing wheel chair assistance please contact the call center agent upon your booking, or request one of our staff upon checking in.
  • Pregnant passengers may travel only up to the 27 th week of pregnancy, please present your letter of authorization from a certified medical doctor.
  • Pregnant passengers over 36 weeks of pregnancy will not be able to travel under any circumstances.
What can I/can I not carry onto the plane?

The following items are classified as suspicious objects and will not be allowed to be checked-in nor hand-carried into the cabin :

  • Syringes
  • Explosives
  • Poisonous items
  • Cans containing gases
  • Flammable items in both liquid and gaseous forms
  • Radio-active items and chemicals with intense activation, and other bionic substances with high content of oxygen
  • Alkaline or acid
  • Matches
  • Lighters
Can I take a gun with me on my traveling date?

Guns or sharp weapons may be checked-in but not hand-carried. The passenger having such items should contact our staff at the check-in counter. Please be aware that such objects are subject to careful examination to ensure maximum safety for passengers onboard our flights.

How much hold baggage can I take?

Your fare includes 2 pieces of baggage with a combined weight of up to 20kg. All baggage allowance are personal and can not be combined. Infants (under 2 years of age) are not entitled to a free baggage allowance unless they pay an adult fare.

All baggage in excess of the checked baggage allowance at 20kgs will be charged for at the following rates depending on your route :

  • 35 Baht per kg on flights to and from Chiang Mai
  • 38 Baht per kg on flights to and from Chiang Rai
  • 45 Baht per kg on flights to and from Hat Yai
  • 40 Baht per kg on flights to and from Phuket
  • 35 Baht per kg on flights to and from Surat Thani
Cabin baggage in excess of 7kg must be checked-in (excluding laptops) and this will be added to the checked baggage allowance. Please note that the maximum weight of any one item of baggage is 32kg.
What’s my hand luggage allowance?

Passengers may carry onboard one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 7kg and not exceeding dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Passengers are also able to carry on-board a laptop computer encased within a computer case.

What happens if my checked-in baggage is lost?

Passengers with baggage loss please contact our staff. If nothing is recovered, the Airlines will compensate the loss with a payment at the rate of 350 baht per kg.

Can I bring my pet with me on my flight?

Passengers with pets please contact your check-in agent upon booking. Please note that only dogs are allowed and the pet is subject to a fare of 250 baht at no more than 5kg. Pets that weigh more than 5kg are subject to a surcharge of 50 baht for each additional kg.

What services are provided onboard the One-Two-GO flights?

One-Two-GO is a low-fare airline with sincerity. We serve you free snack and hot and cold beverage on all our flights.

One-Two-GO policy upon flight cancellation

Upon flight cancellation by One-Two-GO, passengers are entitled to the following rights :

  • Passengers may reserve a seat on the next available flight at no additional charge.
  • Passengers may keep their unused tickets for later use up to the specified dates.
  • Passengers may be fully refunded within the date the request is made.
What should I do if I’ve lost my ticket?

To expedite the process of operation in the case of a lost ticket, the passenger should follow the following procedures :

Buy a new ticket to replace the lost one and submit a request for reimbursement along with the following documents :

  • A document issued by a police station on the statement of the loss
  • A copy of the passenger citizen ID
The passenger may submit the above documents along with the claim for the buying of the new ticket. The fee for such claim is 500 baht. The passenger will be reimbursed the said amount within 2 months after the submission of the claim, provided that the investigation made by the Airlines does not indicate the reusing of the loss ticket.
Any other enquiries not mentioned?

Please feel free to contact us for any other enquiries you may have by us, or talking to one of our call center agents at 1126. We look forward to hearing from you.